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January, 2002
Regional Report

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LA Master Gardener Class Applications Available Now
All Los Angeles County residents are eligible to attend the upcoming Master Gardener Volunteer Training program session, on Saturdays, April 27-June 29, 2002. To be accepted into the program, residents must agree to volunteer helping low-income residents to grow more of their own food in community gardens, school gardens, and homeless and battered women's shelters. Information flyers and application packets are available now. Deadline for application: April 15. Call 323-838-4539, or go to the LA County Cooperative Extension website.

Local Buzz

Time for Second Dormant Spray
This month plants are at their "height" (or "depth") of dormancy, meaning it is time for another application of dormant oil on fruit trees -- especially if it wasn't done last month or if it rained within two days of that application. The point is to have the sprayed material on the tree throughout the dormant season, and especially at specific pest growth periods. Choose a day when the temperature is predicted to remain above 40 degrees and the wind is calm.

The next critical time for spraying is about mid-February, when the buds are swollen but don't yet show color. This last spraying at the precise period of bud swell is critical -- before the buds swell is too early, and after the blossoms open is too late. Once the buds open, the pest and disease damage has already been done.


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