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Lower South

January, 2008
Regional Report

Web Finds

Seedling Identification
Have you ever planted seeds and lost the label or had the labels get mixed up due to an overzealous pet or toddler happening by? Have you ever planted a new type of vegetable or flower and then stood wondering if what came up was the desired plant or a weed of some kind? These Web sites have great photos of hundreds of species at the young seedling stage to help you identify the mystery plants.

Vegetable Seeds and Seedling ID

Clever Gardening Technique

Covering Small Seeds
Tiny seeds are difficult to plant at the proper depth. I like to set them on the surface of the growing medium and then sprinkle a fine grade of horticultural vermiculite or seed-starting mix on top of them. This makes it easy to barely cover the seeds and gives them a good start on growing, too.


Today's site banner is by ge1836 and is called "Coleus Dipped in Wine"