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Lower South

January, 2008
Regional Report

Web Finds

Salad Tables & Salad Boxes
This Grow Your Own Greens With Salad Tables & Salad Boxes Web site from Maryland Cooperative Extension provides instructions for building a simple structure for producing salad greens in an elevated table on legs or sawhorses. It would be a great option for people lacking a good garden spot or those with physical impairments that make gardening in the ground too difficult. Kids will find it fascinating and might even be willing to eat their green vegetables.

Clever Gardening Technique

Mini Greenhouse
Here in the lower south our winters are mild. We can grow many types of salad greens and most other cool-season vegetables throughout the winter with a little protection during our occasional hard freezes. I use sections of PVC pipe 8 to 10 feet long to form arches across garden beds and then cover them with clear plastic sheeting. I secure the edges with soil, bricks, or rocks to form a Quonset hut-type mini greenhouse over the garden bed.

Open the ends of this plastic tunnel on warm, sunny days to allow heat to escape. Then close it back down at night to hold in the warmth. This is a great way to grow greens and other semi-tender vegetables through the winter or to get an early start on tomatoes and other warm-season crops.


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