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Northern & Central Midwest

February, 2008
Regional Report


For the true ecology-minded gardener, Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture, by Toby Hemenway (Chelsea Green, 2001; $24.95), is a book that will help you bring these ideals into practical gardening. The idea of permaculture, or sustainable gardening, is ripe for these times when we are trying to reduce our imprint on the earth. Hemenway gives plenty of ideas on how to bring our gardens and landscapes into ecological balance, and with that balance, a softer, gentler way of gardening. It is truly a book for the times.

Tool or Gardening Product

Juwel Cold Frame
If you're looking for a serious ready-made cold frame, consider the Juwel Cold Frame from the Kinsman Company. The frame is made of polycarbonate on aluminum and includes an automatic closer to open and close the frame while you are away. These are large enough to accommodate a couple of flats at a time, and will allow you to add up to eight weeks to your growing season. For the gardener who doesn't have time to build cold frames from scratch, this is a great option. See one at:


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