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March, 2008
Regional Report

Web Finds

Virtual Flower Garden
Enjoy a virtual garden that's colorful, quick, easy-care, and only a click away. Click once, twice, thrice on the black screen of this Procreo Flower Garden site to make one, two, three, or many more flowers appear. Click and hold, then move your index finger around the pad. Flowers of different shapes and sizes pop up with each swirl. Create a bouquet, a meadow, or an array of cut flowers.

Tool or Gardening Product

Degradable Lawn Debris Bags
Though garden centers market the large, brown paper bags as leaf collection bags, my garden workers insist on using them for general debris collection. And rightly so. The 3- to 4-foot-tall bags open easily, stand upright on their own, and hold sticks, branches, and thorny rose canes. They're sturdy enough for clumps of weeds with damp, clingy soil.


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