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April, 2008
Regional Report

Web Finds

Growing Vegetables
For a novice or experienced vegetable gardener, this Growing Vegetables in the Home Garden PDF is excellent background information. Tidbits include grouping early-maturing crops "so that as soon as one crop is removed another takes its place. It is desirable, however, to follow a crop not with another of its kind, but with an unrelated crop. For example, early peas or beans can very properly be followed by late cabbage, celery, carrots, or beets; early corn or potatoes can be followed by fall turnips or spinach. It is not always necessary to wait until the early crop is entirely removed; a later one may be planted between the rows of the early crop." The article is from 1985, but as they say, "What's old is new again."

Tool or Gardening Product

Angela's Garden Gloves
My gardening assistant, Angela, anticipated good things from a gardening glove by a company with her first name. In full disclosure, there is no personal or business connection. Angela's Garden's synthetic gloves met the test. "They are very comfortable. They fit well," reports my Angela. The material in the palm makes it easy to grip and pull weeds. They're easy to remove and put back on. The design and fit also keep debris from slipping inside. Thumbs up! For these and more garden wearables, search online for Angela's Garden (the URL is too long to include here).


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