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June, 2008
Regional Report

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Take a Walk
"No child left indoors!" is the motto of this Take a Walk site. Get outside and discover nature with Take a Walk Books, Nature Reports from Kids Corner radio, and author Jane Kirkland. Award-winning Take a Walk Books are interactive mini field guides that take kids and their families on outdoor journeys into their own backyards, school yards, and local parks. They're packed with funny stories, facts about nature, and instructions for observing nature. They include space to draw maps, sketch findings, and take field notes.


Kid-Friendly Plants
Wondering how to stir a child's interest in plants and gardening? Browse Cindy Krezel's 101 Kid-Friendly Plants: Fun Plants and Family Garden Projects (Ball Publishing, 2008; $19.95) for ideas. Start sunflower, coleus, and radish seeds; grow a pond; plant for the future. And learn which plants never to use with kids. This colorful book has coated pages for busy (dirty) fingers. Written for parents, teachers, and gardeners with kid-friendly pictures, lists, and graphics.


Today's site banner is by nmumpton and is called "Gymnocalycium andreae"