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Middle South

April, 2008
Regional Report

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American Public Gardens Association
Consider planning your vacations to include events at public gardens. The American Public Gardens Association Web site includes a Public Garden Search, as well as a calendar of events. There's even a job search area in case you're looking for a new career in horticulture!

Clever Gardening Technique

Get Ahead of the Weeds
Now is the time to manage the weeds in your flower and vegetable gardens. Perennial weeds are vulnerable -- they're using their winter root stores to send up new shoots. Repeatedly removing those shoots will weaken and eventually kill the roots. Annual weeds are smaller and easier to pull than they will be in a few weeks or months.

Once you've weeded a section, apply a layer of mulch, such as straw or bark chips. Mulch serves double duty: it helps prevent further weed growth, and as it breaks down it adds organic matter to the soil, making it looser so weeds are easier to pull. I find the weeds in paths hardest to control, since the soil is compacted and it's almost impossible to remove all the roots. If the weeds in a path get out of hand, I use a string trimmer to scalp back the weeds, then I apply a thick layer of mulch.

If you're planning to add new garden beds this summer, start now by layering the area with mulch and covering it with a tarp or heavy black plastic. This will smother weeds and make the area much easier to rototill.


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