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Middle South

May, 2008
Regional Report

Shows & Events

Take a Garden Tour
It's the season for garden tours, and they're a great way to get ideas, mingle with fellow gardeners, and perhaps arrange a plant swap or two. Your local Master Gardeners group or Cooperative Extension office may have information. Check bulletin boards at garden centers and contact local garden clubs and botanical gardens. Some groups use garden tours as fund-raisers, too.

Clever Gardening Technique

Pot Up 6-Pack Transplants
Those small, 6-pack transplants of annual flowers and vegetables often have a tough time getting established in the garden. After all, they're going from a coddled existence -- sterile seed-starting mix, controlled greenhouse conditions, regular feeding -- to the wild and variable outdoors. (And they're often root-bound to boot.) I like to take each transplant and pot it up into a slightly larger container, using potting soil or a combination of seed-starting mix and garden soil. Then I start hardening them off, exposing them to ever greater amounts of sun and wind over the course of a week or two. Once the roots start to grow into the new growing medium, they're hardened off and ready to transplant.


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