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Upper South

July, 2008
Regional Report

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New Fiskars Tools
For me and my gardening needs, no other brand of gardening tools can match those produced by Fiskars for cost, availability, and thoughtful design. Their round-nose and square-nose spades, as well as their spading fork, are indispensable items in my garden. Nor could I do without their power-gear loppers. For 2008 Fiskars is introducing 17 new garden tools. Among the stand-outs are the Power-Pivot hand pruners, available in both large and small sizes, that move the pivot point to the back of the tool, putting your hand closer to the cut for more precise positioning and reduced hand fatigue. The same concept also applies to their grass shears.

In addition, there are five other new models of hand pruners, plus a Dual Cut Power-Lever Bypass Loppers. A line of extended reach tools will lessen bending over. These include an edger, tiller, bulb planter, weeder, and cultivator. For further information about these and other Fiskars garden tools, go to

Favorite or New Plant

Honeysuckle Graham Thomas
Nothing is more magical on a summer evening than the incredible scent of honeysuckle wafting on the air. Unfortunately, the Japanese honeysuckle that many of us grew up enjoying is a highly invasive plant. For me, an alternative has been Lonicera periclymenum 'Graham Thomas'. The highly scented, creamy yellow flowers bloom from June until September. The good news is that it does not seem to produce berries, which is the means by which birds spread the Japanese honeysuckle. Although it is a vigorous, rapidly growing vine hardy in Zones 4 to 8, the size is easily maintained with heavy pruning in spring. Plants are adaptable to many soil types and tolerate some shade. Plus, I have never seen it get aphids like other nearby honeysuckles in my garden.


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