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Coastal and Tropical South

July, 2008
Regional Report

Web Finds

San Diego Zoo
While I'm not usually one to question the traditional motherhood/nurturing bond, it might pay to take a cue or two from reptiles. Reading the wide array of information at this San Diego Zoo site, I learned that overprotectiveness does not aid survival. Once the babies hatch, the apron strings are cut and mama lizard takes off, presumably on a well-deserved cruise. More bizarre to me is the behavior of the Nile monitor lizard. She lays eggs in termite mounds so their heat can warm her eggs!

Clever Gardening Technique

Water Timers
If you come home from work late in the day and too often find wilted plants, you need one. If you're starting new vegetable and flower plants for the fall garden, you need one. If you simply don't want to forget to water anything, you need one. Summer's best friend to gardeners and plants is water, and efficient and effective application is the key. With a simple timer you can buy at any hardware or lawn and garden store, you can give little transplants a late-morning shower while you're at work. Don't overlook this handy tool.


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