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August, 2008
Regional Report

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Using Organic Fungicides
Preventing and controlling powdery mildew on roses, peonies, fruit trees, and phlox is the gardener's perennial challenge. Using Organic Fungicides, a PDF from Purdue University, clearly explains how to use sulphur, copper, horticultural oils, and bicarbonates as fungicides. It also details the pros and cons of each and lists commercial product names.

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Morris Arboretum Landscape Design Series
Interested in designing your own home landscape? Philadelphia's Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania offers a specific curriculum with you in mind. Expert instructors teach evening and Saturday classes in landscape basics (picking and placing plants, architectural elements), and tree and shrub installation, as well electives such as The Autumn Garden: Color, Texture, and Bounty.
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