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Coastal and Tropical South

September, 2008
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Two Broccolis
They're called "calabrese" in some places, but traditional broccoli that we know, grow, and love is technically called "sprouting" broccoli. That's the many-branched cluster of delicious green stalks that we cut once, then wait for side shoots to form down on the stem and harvest those, too. Popular varieties in our area include 'Green Comet' and 'Walthall'. Italian sprouting broccoli, aka broccoli rabe or raab, produces individual sprouts all over its head that are very tender and prolific. Look for plants or seeds of 'Di Cicco', the tasty little trees that are a favorite of Italian cuisine.

Tool or Gardening Product

Garden Augers
When it's time to fertilize mature trees, simply sprinkling granules on the soil surface may not suffice. Whether you have fruit trees, old oaks, or other species, it's very important to provide nutrients annually and to put them where they can do the most good. There are augers that fit most power drills, and plenty that are hand-operated. The former are a brilliant option, and if your drill is big enough, they can even accommodate post hole digging. I inherited one of the hand augers from my dad, and it also makes a nice garden ornament!


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