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Lower South

September, 2008
Regional Report

Web Finds

Earth Kind Roses
This Earth Kind Roses Web site provides information on roses that have been chosen based on their performance in research trials with a special focus on disease resistance and ability to tolerate the hot southern climate. It is a great resource for selecting a rose for your landscape that won't require pampering to keep it alive and productive.

Clever Gardening Technique

Air Layering Oversized Houseplants
If you have houseplants that are too large to come back indoors, consider air layering. This technique involves wounding the stem and wrapping it with moist peat moss or potting soil, then covering the peat moss with a plastic wrapper. Secure both the top and bottom of the wrapper with a twist tie to hold the moss or potting soil in a ball around the stem. Then cover the wrapped area with aluminum foil to reflect the heat. In a few weeks the plant will be rooting in the moss or potting soil and can be cut away from the mother plant and repotted to start a new one. Houseplants such as the corn plant and dracaenas will resprout new buds from the cut stump on the mother plant and look great again in time. For a good visual guide on the air layering process, go to:


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