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Upper South

September, 2008
Regional Report

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Native Plant Societies
For people who are interested in native plants and how to grow them, some of the best sources of information are the native plant societies in individual states. These groups provide a good source of information about suitable plants for a relatively localized area, as well as opportunities to meet other gardeners and be active in preservation. An easy way to find the native plant society for your state is to go to the association list on the North American Native Plant Society Web site. The list includes addresses and Web links.

Clever Gardening Technique

Ripening Green Tomatoes Indoors
Tomatoes that are still green but mature can be ripened indoors. "Mature green" is a full-sized tomato just turning from a dark to a lighter green. To hold tomatoes at this stage for several weeks, store between 55 and 60 degrees F. At these temperatures, the tomatoes will ripen in about a month. To ripen them more quickly, keep at 65 to 75 degrees. Putting a few apples among the tomatoes helps to hasten ripening because of the ethylene gas emitted by the apples. Another method of ripening tomatoes is to pull up the entire plant and hang it upside down in an indoor location with temperatures of 55 to 60 degrees F.


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