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Coastal and Tropical South

November, 2008
Regional Report

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Celebrate Urban Birds
Cornell University is well known for its work in and educational programs about birding. If you haven't participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count, make it your business to find out about local activities this winter. But you don't have to wait, and, in fact, the birds in your city deserve your attention now. Visit the Celebrate Urban Birds Web site to learn how to better appreciate the birds close to home, and how to get others involved. Great information, easy to navigate, and a super way to bring your whole town to birding.


Organic Gardening Down South
As my daddy said, if you don't blow your own horn, no one else will. That said, I am very proud of my new book because it addresses the baloney we hear so often that swears we can't garden organically here in our regions. Too many bugs, heavy soil, not enough cold weather -- it's all bunk, and Organic Gardening Down South (B. B.Mackey Books, 2008) is my effort to overcome those and other misunderstandings. I've included calendars and plant descriptions to give you more grist for your gardening mill. It's available at my website,, and thanks for noticing!


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