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Upper South

November, 2008
Regional Report

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Bean Master Recipe List
Rare and heirloom varieties of dried beans are climbing on the food and gardening popularity list. Fall and winter is the perfect time to slow cook beans for stick-to-your-ribs meals. For a wide range of dried bean recipes from around the world, visit Rancho Gordo's Master Recipe List. The Web site also has a video of simple instructions for cooking beans. Rancho Gordo, a specialist in dried beans, grows and carries a wide range of beans and other items for cooking and growing in the garden.

Tool or Gardening Product

Worm Factory
One of the banes of my life is kitchen scraps. I neither have nor want a garbage disposal. Yes, there is a compost pile, at a significant distance from the house. Basically, I'm lazy and put off taking the scraps out there, especially in winter. I've invested in a variety of "compost buckets," which have met various fates. My latest endeavor is the Worm Factory, available from the NGA Garden Shop, This isn't my first worm bin. The previous was quite large and kept in a cellar. The Worm Factory is only 14 inches square and, with all the trays in place, about 20 inches tall, a tidy size that means it can be kept in my plant room, a short walk from the kitchen. Made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, the bin comes with a base, four stacking trays for upward worm migration, a plastic spigot for draining liquid "worm tea" fertilizer, and a cover printed with basic worm-care tips. This seems like my best plan yet.


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