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Coastal and Tropical South

November, 2008
Regional Report

Web Finds

Houseplant Care
Looking for some information about mimosa (aka wattle) and its potential for container culture, I wandered into and found just what I sought. Turns out I was right that it would require root pruning or near constant repotting, but seedling mimosa can even make a decent bonsai. That tells me the tree can grow with restricted roots, and might be worth a try.

Clever Gardening Technique

Taller Trellises
Everybody knows to sink posts in concrete to strengthen their profile and prevent rot where wood surfaces touch the dirt. It's not usually practical to pour concrete for every small trellis, however, and all of them could use another inch or two in height. The solution to this dilemma involves two things available at home supply stores, precut 18-inch lengths of rebar and baling wire. Sink the rebar at least a foot into the soil and at the spacing of the trellis legs. Get a friend to hold the trellis in place and wrap wire tightly around the bar and leg at several intervals until secure.


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