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Upper South

November, 2008
Regional Report

Web Finds

35+ Uses for Plastic Milk Jugs
Plastic milk jugs, water bottles, soda bottles, juice bottles. Please recycle them, or, as another option, re-use them. Marion Owen, a garden writer in Kodiak, Alaska, offers 35-plus garden, home, and other uses for plastic jugs and bottles at 35+ Uses for Plastic Milk Jugs. Some of the ideas will be familiar, but others no doubt will surprise you and perhaps inspire you to come up with even more ideas.

Favorite or New Plant

Amsonia, Fothergilla, and Blueberry
There are so many plants that bring their colorful fall beauty to the landscape, but there are several that have really caught my attention this year. The two perennial amsonias, A. tabernaemontana and A. hubrictii, certainly are to be noted for their shout-out yellow foliage. The latter gets more press because of it's finely textured leaves, but both American natives are stunning in the autumn as well as in the spring with their blue star-shaped flowers. Fothergillas are native shrubs whose dark green leaves become a brilliant yellow, orange, or scarlet in the fall, often all on the same plant. And what's not to like about a native shrub that produces great tasting, healthy fruit in the summer followed by excellent fall coloration, often in shades of bright to deep red?


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