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Coastal and Tropical South

December, 2008
Regional Report

Web Finds

Georgia Butterflies
The Georgia Butterflies site is actually the home of a photo gallery of what are called the butterflies of west central Georgia. Lots of them are also found in our region and these photos are terrific. From Gulf frittilary to hackberry emperor and old favorite skippers and sulfurs, they're in living color at this site. Many are depicted on their host plants, so you'll know where to look for them.

Clever Gardening Technique

Unromantic Rebar
The reinforcing bars made to strengthen concrete are steel with raised patterns and are available precut in lengths from a foot to a yard or as longer. Use them to raise the height of trellises and arbors. Sink the bars halfway into the soil, then attach the structures to them with baling wire or something similar. The patterns make it easier to weave the wire securely and the steel won't rot like wood or bend in the wind like some trellis "legs." I've used rebar to reinforce a short fence, and to frame a tepee for beans. It's useful stuff and indestructible, too.


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