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January, 2009
Regional Report

Web Finds

Pennsylvania's Marketplace for the Mind
With the difficult economy, food gardening will take center stage in upcoming years. Pennsylvania's Marketplace for the Mind Web site focuses on agricultural education for students, teachers, and community/local governments. The educator's page contains easy-to-navigate resources for educational need, from classroom-ready lesson plans and interactive activities, to many grants, scholarships and professional development opportunities. Also check out the Pennsylvania College and Career Marketplace that links students to higher education and employment opportunities. The "Students" page links to youth organizations, scholarships, college and career fair, and Teacher Feature. Community Leaders and Local Government page links to Pennsylvania agriculture, education and outreach.

Tool or Gardening Product

You'll still need someone else to help you move those large containers and heavy bags. The eye-catching PotLifter does make carrying items in tandem easier and less awkward though. It consists of two red plastic handles attached to lifting straps attached to red grip strips that encircle the item to be lifted. Even with the instructions, it takes several tries to get the hang of attaching the device properly. It's worth the trial-and-error. We also found it handy to haul water-logged bags of bark mulch. We slid the grippers UNDER the bags and lifted just enough to clear the ground till we reached the azaleas.


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