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Southwestern Deserts

March, 2009
Regional Report

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Southwestern Native Seeds
Located in Tucson, Southwestern Native Seeds is a two-person operation that offers lesser-known arid-land native plants suitable for landscapes and gardens, including wildflowers, succulents, shrubs and trees. Check out the seeds available for varieties of the under-utilized but intriguing hummingbird mints or hyssops (agastache).

Clever Gardening Technique

Avoid Salt-Sensitive Plants
High salt levels in Southwestern water sources, especially reclaimed water, can be hard on plants, causing salt burn's tell-tale yellowing and browning of foliage and even plant death. Texas A&M University Professor S. Miyamoto has produced a scholarly report entitled Salt Tolerance of Landscape Plants Common to the Southwest, which includes tables showing salt tolerance (sensitive, moderately sensitive, moderately tolerant, tolerant, highly tolerant) for turf and grasses, deciduous trees, native plants, palms, vines, groundcovers and bedding plants. If salt burn is a problem in your area, the study results can help you choose salt tolerant choices for your landscape. Go to and click on the publication. Other reports related to salt tolerance can also be found there.


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