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Lower South

March, 2009
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

You've gotta love rainlilies (Zephyranthes spp.). They know how to live in the south! They produce 4" white to light pink blooms periodically throughout the spring to fall season, typically following a rain. Then they sit back and wait for the next rain. They are very tolerant of our temperatures, periodic droughts and provide seasons of enjoyment on the investment. Zephanthes candida is a common rainlily in our southern gardens. There are a number of other species and cultivars on the market in shades of white to dark pink and yellow.

Clever Gardening Technique

Watering Berms
New plants are at their greatest risk during the first summer season. They are beginning to establish a more extensive root system to make them more resilient when heat and drought arrive. Build a raised berm of soil about 4 feet in diameter around new shrubs and trees. This will allow you to fill the berm with water once or twice a week to insure a deep and thorough soaking of the soil. Such care greatly increases the plant's chance of surviving and even thriving during the hot summer season.


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