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Northern & Central Midwest

April, 2009
Regional Report


Beginner's Garden Book
You Grow Girl: The Groundbreaking Guide to Gardening, by Gayla Trail (Fireside, 2005), is not the average garden book in that it zeroes in on a specific audience, that of the young, urban, hip woman. Not that it's not a great resource for anyone gardening, but Trail's chatty, funny manner really does convince you that anyone can garden whether you have a yard or simply a balcony. The advice is straightforward, easy to read, and amusing, something we all need when gardening. And, the reviews are fantastic. From one reader, "It's given me a completely different perspective on gardening....from clueless to hopeful."

Web Finds

Felder Rushing, Garden Writer and Bottle Gardener
Felder Rushing is a garden writer and bottle gardener. Take a look at his website,, and you will find some great tips on Slow Gardening. You can also find his "Green/Lazy/Cheapskate Garden" page, Rain Harvester porch, Green Roof Entry Arbor and pictures of his bottle trees (as well as one of him enjoying his garden in his bathrobe). The site's sometimes silly, but will give you some great ideas for slowing down.


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