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April, 2009
Regional Report

Clever Gardening Technique

Reuse Mulch and Soil Products Bags
Mulch and soil products plastic bags are a good size, strength, and shape for trash disposal. Reuse them after you empty the mulch on the garden or soil mixes in the wheelbarrow. They're thicker than many plastic trash bags we buy. So they don't tear so easily when filled with sticks and yard debris. Yes, they are more plastic in the landfill -- but you've at least recycled them once.

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Pennsylvania Path to Organic Funding Program
The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is supporting farmers transitioning to certified organic practices. PA's Path to Organic Program will provide financial assistance to new producers and those already in the USDA National Organic Program's three-year transition process to organic methods. Eligible farmers could receive a maximum of $7,500 in a single year not to exceed $30,000 for a single operation over the four-year program period. Application deadline is July 31, 2009.


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