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Coastal and Tropical South

May, 2009
Regional Report

Web Finds

Water Gardening in Texas
Part of the charmingly named "aggie horticulture" sites, the Water Gardening in Texas site is full of basic information about water gardening, including a clear and concise section on "plant life." If you want to understand the terms tropical and hardy water lilies, or know you need to cover more of the water surface, but don%t know how, this site is for you.

Favorite or New Plant

Red Flare Water Lily
Hardy in the tropical part of our region, 'Red Flare' water lily is not only beautiful, but blooms reliably and brings a strong red color to the usually very green pond world. Its leaves are bronzey red, sometimes with purple blotches, and the flowers bloom at night in clear red. Lots of petals on this one, many with white at their inner tip, so fully open flowers have a different look than slightly closed ones. If you have 5 hours of sun and a water feature 2 feet deep, this one's for you. And its fragrance is delicious, too.


Today's site banner is by mcash70 and is called "Daylily 'Macbeth'"