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Coastal and Tropical South

May, 2009
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Exotic Love
When it comes to spectacular annual vines, the morning glory family has many standouts. None is more amazing than 'Exotic Love', also known as Spanish flag and firecracker vine. Sprays of tube-shaped flower buds are abundant and impressive, bright red fading to creamy tones in 2-inch capsules. A twining stem that is easily trained makes all the ipomoeas (the scientific name for morning glories and their kin) ideal summer vines. Any trellis will do, including the simple 4" x 4" string types, but be sure to anchor it securely -- this is a sturdy vine for full sun and well-drained soil.

Tool or Gardening Product

Earth-Tone Slug and Snail Control
Made from iron phosphate, this bait will not harm pets or wildlife and can be used around all kinds of plants to attract and control slugs and snails. It doesn't take much, either, so this is a very economical formulation to use. If you've ever lost canna lilies to a slug fest, but don't want to put pellets in the garden that pets or wildlife might accidentally eat, try this product. It's a granule and meant to be scattered lightly around vulnerable plants in damp soil.


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