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Coastal and Tropical South

July, 2009
Regional Report

Web Finds

Insect Images
Visiting this website might turn your stomach once you get to the great photographs of bugs like sawfly larvae and cockroaches. Yes, plural, as in plenty of different cockroaches in living color. Seriously, is a great resource for gardeners. The site is organized into major insect groups and is easy to navigate. People are always eager to diagnose other people's pests, but before you try to control yours, check it out to be sure you know who's eating what.

Favorite or New Plant

Formosa Lily
Perhaps the most vigorous and occasionally even invasive lily for our gardens, Formosa lily is nonetheless a favorite of mine. Unlike the more sophisticated hybrid lilies, Formosa needs its own spot in the garden. Choose a site with less-than-great soil in some sun, and enjoy the midsummer show. The plants soar to 4 feet tall each spring, with a cluster of huge, white, aromatic trumpets atop each stem.


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