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Western Mountains and High Plains

August, 2009
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Follow Proper Pruning Techniques
With many areas hit by hail storms, wind, and micro-bursts, weak trees and shrubs have suffered considerable damage. While you may not be able to prune large trees or remove them, smaller work can be done on your own. Fellow garden colleagues from Texas A&M have put together a very useful online publication on proper pruning. Visit the Follow Proper Pruning Techniques Web page.

Favorite or New Plant

Pinks (Dianthus cultivars) are a family of old-fashioned favorites grown for their pink, red, white, and multi-colored (and often spice-scented) flowers. Some of the smaller-growing types form a compact mound of semi-evergreen foliage that bear flowers in a variety of colors. Dianthus prefers full sun but will tolerate some light shade. Well-drained soils are essential for good growth. Take a lesson from nature and observe native species growing in rocky outcroppings withstanding drought conditions. To prolong blooming of the taller species, deadhead the blooms as they fade, but leave a few flower seed heads to scatter seed for a self-sowing garden.


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