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Coastal and Tropical South

September, 2009
Regional Report

Web Finds

Ginger Lily Gardening
I can't vouch for the plants offered on this site, but the information at Ginger Lily Gardening at Plantation Gardens ([tilde]jimeds/gingers.htm) is super for those, like me, who can't get enough of the ginger family. Visit the site for a long list of ginger family plant descriptions. Not fancy, no bells and whistles, just plants. The descriptions are vivid, and helped me identify some gingers I bought on a whim with no tag attached.

Favorite or New Plant

Too few people grow this plant! Related to other regional favorites, Mexican petunia and yellow shrimp plant, crossandra is sometimes called firecracker flower. Its real name comes from the Greek term for "fringed anthers" and indeed, they are. It blooms in part shade and is hardy in all of the tropical zone. Along the southern coasts, hardiness extends into Zone 9, but depends on microclimate. Crossandra is a fabulous container plant where hardiness is questionable and/or super well-drained garden soil is not available. It can bloom all winter indoors, too.


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