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Western Mountains and High Plains

September, 2009
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Apache Plume
The Apache plume (Fallugia paradoxa) grows as an arching, lacy shrub with finely dissected leaves. It is a fine choice for water-thrifty landscapes as it is drought-enduring and can be planted in dry, sunny locations. Attractive single white, rose-like flowers appear during early summer and continue through late summer. As the flowers mature, feathery silver-pink and rounded seed heads develop. These seed plumes are quite decorative on the shrub, particularly when they are backlit by the sun. They also add fall and winter interest to the garden.

Clever Gardening Technique

Protect Trees from Deer Antler Rub Damage
It's the for the male deer to rid their antlers of the covering of soft velvet. In doing this they can cause considerable damage to tree trunks and branches by vigorously rubbing their antlers, stripping away bark and exposing the cambium.

One solution that's worked well in the fruit orchard is foam pipe insulation tubes. Cut the pre-slit foam pipe tube to the length of the tree trunk to be protected and slip it over the trunk. Lower branches that are vulnerable to "antler rub" can also be fit with the foam tubes cut to the appropriate lengths. You can secure the foam tubing with a couple pieces of duct tape to keep it from being rubbed or pulled off. Note: Foam pipe insulation comes in various sizes, so measure around your tree trunks before heading out to the hardware store.


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