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Upper South

September, 2009
Regional Report


Spring-Blooming Bulbs
Brooklyn Botanic Garden's series of books may only contain 112 pages each, but they are packed with information. In the book Spring-Blooming Bulbs (Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 2002, $9.95) you'll find detail not only about the many familiar types but also many of the lesser-known bulbs as well. Plus, there is information on bulb conservation, growing bulbs in containers, a spring-bulb design primer, heirloom bulbs, bulb propagation, and a diagnostic guide to pests and diseases.

Favorite or New Plant

Fireworks Goldenrod
Many gardeners scorn the common native goldenrod for its weedy nature and the misinformed belief that it causes hay fever (when the real culprit is ragweed). But for an outstanding addition to the late summer and fall garden, few plants compete with goldenrod, especially some of the new cultivars that are not invasive. Among these is the sensational 'Fireworks', with it amazing display of vibrant golden flowers that seem to burst from the plant like skyrockets. Selected by the North Carolina Botanical Garden from Solidago rugosa, 'Fireworks' was the top-rated cultivar in a trial conducted by the Chicago Botanic Garden. Hardy to Zone 4, 'Fireworks' doesn't get mildew or rust, and the slowly expanding clump grows 3 to 4 feet tall with arching flower spikes 12 to 18 inches long.


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