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Western Mountains and High Plains

September, 2009
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Goldmoss Stonecrop
Goldmoss stonecrop (Sedum acre) is noted for its creeping growth habit with its tiny, bright evergreen-like leaves forming a dense mat over the ground. The flowers are borne in terminal clusters of shortened spikes or flattened heads. Colors include yellow, white, pink, rose, purple, and red. Their bloom period can range from May through October depending upon weather. Use them in rock gardens, mass plantings, filling in between stepping stones and terracing. They are well-adapted to sunny exposures and thrive in heat. The fleshy, succulent leaves add color interest throughout the year.

Clever Gardening Technique

Big Leaf Recycling
Big leaves from maples, oaks, cottonwoods, and other trees can take up a lot of space in the compost pile and break down slowly. Rake leaves into the parking strip or in a row and then run them over with the lawn mower. This will shred the bigger leaves into smaller fragments that will break down faster in the compost. Or work the shredded leaves directly into the vegetable garden in late fall. Make one pass over the leaves, rake the leaves back up in a row, and then go over them again.


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