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Lower South

September, 2009
Regional Report

Web Finds

Florida's Online Composting Center
Leaf season is on the way! Florida's Online Composting Center Web site is an outstanding source of composting information. If you want a quick and easy "how-to-compost" lesson, it is here. If you want to know more about compost than you ever dreamed and even get to know the difference between psychrophiles, mesophiles, and thermophiles, it is here too! A great one-stop shop for gardeners wanting to build their soil the old fashioned, natural way!

Clever Gardening Technique

Garden Storage Mailbox
An old (or new) mailbox makes a great garden storage center for a few hand tools and your garden records. Place one on a post at the entrance to the garden area. This is a convenient place to put the most used tools and planting records, along with some extra labels, twine -- well, you get the idea. It saves a lot of trips back to the shed or garage! Place papers or journals in a large ziplock bag to prevent the humidity from warping the pages.


Today's site banner is by nmumpton and is called "Gymnocalycium andreae"