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Lower South

October, 2009
Regional Report

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Viva Salad Greens
The Viva Salad Greens Web page (pdf file) provides instructions for creating your own vinaigrette and a variety of additions to add protein and crunch to turn your salad into a meal.

Clever Gardening Technique

Seeding Small Salad Greens
Some salad greens such as lettuce need some light to germinate while others start from seeds that are so small that it is difficult to not cover them too deeply. Rototill and rake an area to make it smooth. Then use a small soil screen or a 1/4 inch hardware cloth to "sift" some soil over the planting area of the bed and tamp it down gently. Then sow the seeds onto the surface. If they need light to germinate press them into the surface with your hand and water the area with a mister nozzle. If they need to be covered use the sifter again to barely cover seeds and then press gently and water.


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