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November, 2009
Regional Report

Web Finds

HortScience Online
Which indoor ornamental plants remove volatile indoor pollutants? The HortScience Online Web site (of the American Society for Horticultural Science) includes information about this recent University of Georgia study and much more. Type in keyword and author to search for articles. When I typed in "tomato," it found 4704 references. So it's best if you know the issue and article you're interested in. As for removing volatile organic chemicals, red flame ivy (Hemigraphis alternata), English ivy, Hindu rope plant (Hoya carnosa), and asparagus fern had the highest removal efficiencies for all pollutants; purple heart (Tradescantia pallida) displayed superior removal efficiency for four of five VOCs. For more, see Screening Indoor Plants for Volatile Organic Pollutant Removal Efficiency.


Nature As Inspiration
Looking for a collection of short story fiction to savor? Join the authors of Off The Beaten Path: Stories of Place (North Point Press, 1998) as they weave tales inspired by journeys to The Nature Conservancy sites. Barbara Kingsolver introduces us to her sense of "place," setting the stage for 13 short stories by the best -- Rita Mae Brown, Rick Bass, Annie Proulx, Barry Lopez and others. "We sing the song of our home because we are animals, and an animal is no better or wiser or safer than its habitat and its food chain," writes Kingsolver. "Listen with your heart to the people on these pages who move through the land and are moved by it, in a hundred different ways."


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