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Coastal and Tropical South

November, 2009
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Grassy Lassie Aloe
If you like succulents that bloom with more than one bloom stalk at a time, Grassy Lassie is for you. Twelve to 24 inches tall, this aloe looks like what it is -- a hybrid of delightful qualities. Narrow leaves in strong green are reminiscent of the common aloe vera, but the flowers are miniature versions of giant aloe. Each stalk opens numerous orange bell-shaped flowers in quick succession for a brightly geometric effect in garden beds or pots.

Tool or Gardening Product

Bulb Planters
Bulb planters are everywhere this time of year, and look tempting hanging next to the bags of bulbs. Some swear by these tools, while others swear at them, but these round, toothed, overgrown trowels are practical. Bulb planters are marked in inches and can plunge 3 inches into the soil. Since bulbs should be planted no deeper than twice their length, it's handy to measure as you plant. The drawback to using this tool is soil conditions. If the soil can't fall back out, it's too wet for this tool. Likewise, the soil may pour out if it is too dry or very sandy. In other than these difficult situations, bulb planters are quite useful for carving out a spot for bulbs and other small plants in a garden bed or border.


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