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Coastal and Tropical South

December, 2009
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Snake Plant
This sanseveria deserves better than its two common names allow -- snake plant and mother-in-law's tongue. Presumably both names refer to the stiffly upright leaves that are 1 inch wide and a foot or more tall. But the leaves can also be described as strong, stately, and uplifting. Since these plants almost never wilt, they are in fact foolproof. If you do water and fertilize them, they grow thick with new leaves and get as tall as 2 feet. They'll sit with quiet elegance in a dark corner, allow dust to collect, and never falter. If you put them in even decent light and spray water on the leaves occasionally, they absolutely shine with good green color and dramatic, stalwart form.

Tool or Gardening Product

Cobrahead tools are made in Wisconsin, but you'll swear they were made for southern soils. As their Web site says, the shape and construction of the Cobrahead becomes an steel extension of your fingernail. I use these tools almost weekly and have developed a light touch that "tickles"out weeds, roots and all. It's subtle enough to get the dollarweed and tough enough for the dandelions. There are both short and long handled versions of the Cobrahead; both work hard so you don't have to.


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