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Pacific Northwest

December, 2009
Regional Report

Web Finds

Bromeliads are impressive tropical flowering plants, yet their culture remains a mystery to most gardeners. Visit the Bromeliad Society International Web site to learn more about this large family of plants, including information about their native habitat and how to grow them. It also lists regional associations and provides details about plant shows specializing in bromeliads.

Clever Gardening Technique

Bulb Trowels for Safe Transplanting
I often find myself transplanting very tiny seedlings -- mostly self-sown volunteers that appear in the wrong places, or tiny cuttings I have intentionally rooted near the parent plant. Regular garden trowels make holes that are just too big, and the plants can end up getting lost. A tool sold at my local garden center as a bulb trowel is perfect for making smaller holes for smaller plants. It has a longer and narrower blade than an ordinary garden trowel, and I find it perfect for transplanting my small seedlings.

A bulb trowel also is excellent for working in rock gardens where you want to dig narrow, deep holes in the crevices between rocks to help new plants quickly establish themselves.


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