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January, 2010
Regional Report

Web Finds

Grow Organic Apples
The Holistic Orchard Network Web site offers questions, solutions found by other orchardists, and great information about growing an organic orchard. Best of all, they constantly post the most up-to-date information and research as it becomes available. If you want to grow organic apples or any other fruits, this is a great first-source for information.


Growing Healthy Organic Apples
The Apple Grower: Guide for the Organic Orchardist, by Michael Phillips (Chelsea Green, 2005) is the author's second edition, the first being published in 1998. It was the bible for anyone who wanted to grow apples, and especially organic apples. He's added a great bit of information and has a pleasant, story-telling style of getting the material across. His basic tenet is to work with nature and its intricate web of life to create a diverse, healthy ecosystem in the orchard. Definitely one you will want in your gardening bucket.


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