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January, 2010
Regional Report

Web Finds

Farmer's Almanac
Good thing I found the Farmer's Almanac Web site. I threw out my last paper copy before moving. What is "thundersnow"? Find out here. The Home & Garden section features a gardening calendar. There are tabs for Astronomy, Best Days, Natural Cures, and Recipes. Also videos. Be forewarned: the one about a sturdy close line is serious. I refuse to be intimidated by its kneebraces, corner-angled ends, and chafers. Great to be able to pick and choose! From Guntenberg's press in 1457 to today on the internet -- the Almanac endures.


Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life
Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life is one DVD in David Attenborough's amazing and rich collection of productions for BBCEarth. Attenborough has the gift of weaving complex information and the most spectacular photos into engaging stories that open us to new worlds, expanded perspectives. The best in entertainment AND education. In "Charles Darwin..." Attenborough combines his own decades-long journey of learning about natural selection with Darwin's scientific and personal stories, thoughts, and discoveries ... and more. This is a must-see that's fortunately available a my local library. Hope it's at yours too. Also can be purchased online.


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