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February, 2010
Regional Report

Web Finds

UBC Botanical Garden
Interested in a quick and thorough slice of information about unusual plants with tongue-twisting botanical names? UBC Botanical Garden is the Web site for you. Botany Photo of the Day, "In science, beauty. In beauty, science. Daily." Frasara speciosa, Leucadendron argenteum, etc. You can have a new photo pop up on your PDA, cell, or as email to your computer. You'll find information about plant life cycles, habitats, botanical details, and more, thanks to the University of British Columbia Botanic Garden and Centre for Plant Research.

Clever Gardening Technique

Double Gloves for Winter Work
I like warm hands and nimble fingers when pruning and doing garden work in winter. My preferred glove combination for warmth, dexterity and hand protection is double-layered -- half-finger, padded work gloves over flexible garden gloves. I've found men's small, half-finger, washable work gloves are just right to pull on over nitrile garden gloves. Half-finger gloves are often sold in hardware stores for heavy work such as factory-packing, box-cutting, and landscaping.


Today's site banner is by nmumpton and is called "Gymnocalycium andreae"