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Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

February, 2010
Regional Report


Growing Food
Grow Your Own Eat Your Own
Bob Flowerdew
Kyle Books
ISBN 978-1-906868-12-3

Grow Your Own Eat Your Own by Bob Flowerdew has a gritty quality that appeals to the home gardening enthusiast. No glossy photos here, no fancy photo styling, just great down-to-earth, how-to photos that instruct and inspire. The book feels almost as if it is printed on newspaper.

Bob Flowerdew is a British organic gardener who has been on the scene for over a quarter of a century. This is his first cookbook and it contains recipes for such novel foods as flavored liquors, love potions, marmalade, sauces, chutneys, ciders, and wines. There are tips on harvesting, storing, canning tips, and preserving food that you grow in your own garden. This is a patchwork quilt of a cookbook, but I enjoyed it and hope you will too! 175 pages including index and introduction.

Favorite or New Plant

Pin Cushion Flower
There are over 150 species of protea, many of which thrive here along the coast. The San Francisco Zoo uses these exotic-looking plants in the landscape. Hardy and drought-tolerant, protea is native to South America. The flowers, superior for cutting, are borne on the ends of the branches, so tip pruning to create bushy plants is the preferred method of keeping these plants from becoming leggy. Protea also requires perfect drainage in the form of rich sandy soil and protection from drying winds. Protea is an evergreen perennial shrub.


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