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Upper South

February, 2010
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

The soft, fuzzy catkins of pussywillow bring delight to the winter weary, telling us that spring is just around the corner. Variously listed as Salix caprea or Salix discolor, pussywillows are among the easiest of shrubs to grow but not the easiest to work into the smaller garden. They are deciduous shrubs that can grow to 20 feet tall, making it difficult to cut branches of catkins. The good news is that even an older plant can be cut back almost to the ground, with fresh new growth emerging to provide an abundance of branches to bring indoors for bouquets. Often, these will root in the vase, providing additional plants.

Tool or Gardening Product

Multi-Pattern Pistol Hose Spray Nozzle
Having the right tools for a job, whether baking a cake, building a house or watering a garden, makes life so much more pleasant. And since water is one of the basic requirements for plants, having good tools for providing that water is essential. In addition to watering cans and hoses, right up there at the top of the list is a multi-pattern pistol hose spray nozzle. The best ones of these have five or more spray patterns, such as bucket filler, shower, soaker, and mist, which are the main ones I use as a gardener. In addition, flat, power wash, and rinse come in handy for washing the car or deck. I also like when there is an adjustment for water pressure and a lock on the pistol. Try different ones to see which ones feels best in your hand, and go for the best quality possible.


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