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Lower South

February, 2010
Regional Report

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How Much Compost Does It Take?
Have you ever wondered how much compost or mulch you would need to purchase to cover a given area a set number of inches deep? If you are topdressing a lawn, mulching a flower bed or adding 2 inches of compost to your vegetable garden, this handy online publication will provide a quick, easy guide.

Clever Gardening Technique

Late Winter Weed "Cleanup"
I know YOUR garden and landscape doesn't have any weeds. But just in case your neighbor's does, here's a tip. Smother them with mulch. Maybe a garden bed became a weedy mess last year or maybe winter weeds are already as thick as hair on a dog's back. Just mow or use a string trimmer to cut them back. Then cover the weeds with 4 sheets of newspaper, wet the newspaper with a hose and cover it with leaf mulch or compost. The weeds will soon become compost themselves!


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