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April, 2010
Regional Report

Web Finds

With spring cleaning comes trash and other waste disposal. Earth911 is a comprehensive recycling website. Type in your zip code and the material you want to recycle - aerosol cans, sheet metal, trophies (?), propane tanks, paint, batteries, electronics, hazardous waste, etc. Up comes a list of locations near you that will accept and recycle that item.


Film - DIRT! The Movie
dirt! The Movie is a must-see for everyone. Produced by Independent Lens, it's been running nationwide on PBS and is available for purchase (very reasonably) at the movie website We gardeners have a sense of soil's life, potential, and power. This clever, smart, engaging documentary connects all humans to "dirt." It features well-respected authors, activists, and artists talking about sustainability, food, human population, local and global environmental impact, microbes - all in relation to the importance of "dirt." Buy a copy, show to friends ... and you'll find yourselves talking about and appreciating this marvel long after the film ends.


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