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Western Mountains and High Plains

May, 2010
Regional Report

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Butterfly World
If you're into bugs like me, Butterfly World is a fun and informative website to visit on a cold, rainy day. Visit various pages like the regional guidebook, what to plant list, and other features. The site is easy to use and has beautiful photos of all kinds of butterflies.


Nourish your soil with homemade compost. As we begin the garden season, it's a good time to gain a better understanding of the soil and its role in plant health. You can improve your soil by recycling organic debris through the process of sheet composting, a system that involves spreading raw materials directly into your garden. You can also simply pile on organic debris and let nature do the work. Composting by Liz Ball (Workman Publishing, 1998; $11), presents ideas to help you understand the concept of composting. The author notes, "As you begin to compost, you'll discover what suits you and your needs. Each gardener has his or her own particular approach to composting."


Today's site banner is by nmumpton and is called "Gymnocalycium andreae"