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Upper South

May, 2010
Regional Report

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Bad Bugs Slideshow: Identifying Bugs and Their Bites
Spring is filled with beauty, but being out in the garden also means that we're in close contact with any number of critters, some our friends, some not. No doubt, sooner or later, you're going to come in from the garden with an insect bite. WebMD's Bad Bugs Slideshow: Identifying Bugs and Their Bites will help you identify the culprit as well as the appearance of the bite, symptoms, and other information. WebMD also has additional information about insect bites at Insect Bites.


Hopefully, you've been enjoying all the spring-flowering bulbs, from the earliest snowdrops through the late tulips and alliums. If you've ever wanted to expand your "bulb horizons" and wished you were able to learn more about the various bulbs than the information available in catalogs, then consider Bulb by Anna Pavord (Mitchell Beazley, 2009, $39.99). The author of The Tulip has produced a magnificent book with about 600 entries of bulbs from A to Z. Each entry has a beautiful photograph and detailed descriptions of the blooms, some comparisons of related cultivars, plant size, hardiness, native areas, and bloom season. Pavord has a delightful writing style that is like having a conversation with a good friend who is very knowledgeable. Although the book is mainly composed of an encyclopedia section, there is also information about growing bulbs, propagation, and pests and diseases, plus a planting guide for different garden situations and a listing of blooming times by season.


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