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Lower South

June, 2010
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

'Flamenco Tango' & 'Flamenco Rumba' Cuphea
Batface cuphea is a drought-tolerant annual or tender perennial that loves a sunny exposure. It has a prostrate growth habit reaching a little over a foot high and 2-3 feet in width, making it well suited for a landscape bed, hanging basket or container. The standard type blooms from spring to frost, bearing a profusion of small tubular red blossoms with a purple center that resemble a bat's face. The exciting Flamenco series is more compact with larger blooms. 'Tango' bears large bright pink flowers with a purple/mauve throat that are really eye catching. The large vivid coral red blooms of 'Rumba' are equally stunning. These Flamencos hold up well in blistering heat and humidity and are not prone to insect or disease problems.

Tool or Gardening Product

"Bug Blasting" Devices
For gardeners not inclined to build their own bug blasting water device, there are some water devices on the market that are designed to dislodge small pests. One such device is called the "bug blaster" and another is called the "water wand." One end attaches to a garden hose and includes a simple gate valve. At the other end is a nozzle that sprays out fine droplets of water at a high velocity. These devices direct water upward from beneath the foliage to blast away mites and aphids hiding on the undersides of leaves and along tender stems. Mites love a dry dusty surface and can be kept in bounds by a weekly blasting of their environment with the water sprays.


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