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Coastal and Tropical South

July, 2010
Regional Report

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National Watermelon Promotion Board
You can learn a lot about the nation's favorite melon at National Watermelon Promotion Board. Find recipes, health facts and cool carvings, among many other fun facts. Some gardeners grow melons, but many more celebrate them. Watermelon Festivals happen in every state in our regions and this website is the place to find the one nearest you. More than 50 Watermelon Celebrations are planned for this summer, most after mid-July. If you wanted, you could follow the harvest like some people follow their favorite band on tour. This weekend, it's Pageland, SC, and Hempstead, TX. After many seed spitting contests, you'll end up in Green River, UT, for their annual watermelon festivities in the 3rd week of September!

Favorite or New Plant

String of Pearls
The only way this plant's name could be more descriptive would be if it were called "string of jade beads" to reflect its stunning green color. String of pearls and many of its relatives (Senecio family) are among the best plants to grow in hot, sunny windows. Because they need water only occasionally, this plant and other succulents and cacti are ideal where fussier species cannot thrive. For those who forget to tend their plants or whose career or lifestyle keeps them away from home for days at a time, string of pearls will shine.


Today's site banner is by ge1836 and is called "Coleus Dipped in Wine"